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a round light fixture mounted on the side of a pink marble wall with a circular hole in it
Warrior One Yoga Studio by GOLDEN | est living
est living warrior one design by golden 11
an empty room with white walls and wooden floors, lights are hanging from the ceiling
Yoga room interior ceilings 26 new ideas
the interior of a building with white curtains
Japanse Winkeltje by Nezu Aymo Architects | Dezeen
Nezu Aymo Architects
a room with two round tables and some flowers on the table in front of it
Holism Retreat — Melbourne, Australia
an empty room with several benches and a painting on the wall in the center is a circular light fixture
Jim Hirschfield | Meditation Room, Doernbecher Children's Hospital | 1998 | Pollock Krasner Image Collection
a wooden bench sitting next to a window covered in blinds
VIKASA Headquarters | Enter Project Asia
a kitchen with a wooden ceiling and counter top
MICHIKU Project | Discovering Unknown Possibilities For Bamboo
an empty yoga room with many mats on the floor
In Conversation With Franky Rousell
there are many yoga mats lined up in the middle of an empty room with lights
Mindful relaxation at Museum San
a person doing yoga in front of large windows with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling
a man is dancing in a bamboo room
Rattan Offers a Meditative Focal Point in This Yoga Studio
an empty room with yoga mats on the floor and lights hanging from the wall behind them
a person doing yoga in a bamboo structure
Vikasa | Longlists | Dezeen Awards 2020
Designed by Enter Projects Asia, Vikasa is a yoga studio comprised of a series of free-form yoga pods in Thailand. Enter Projects fused 3D technology with Thai regional arts and crafts to provide contemplative nature-based spaces for a yoga studio in the heart of Bangkok. The 450sqm space is comprises two public and two private
Centre, Yoga Center Design, Yoga Studio Design Interiors, Wellness Center Design, Yoga Studio Design Ideas
Bright Architecture Designs Mind Body Project in NYC
an empty room with wooden walls and flooring is lit by recessed lighting in the corner
A Flawless Zen Yoga Interior That Inspires Tranquility | Living In Design
A Flawless Zen Yoga Interior That Inspires Tranquility | Living In Design
a spa room with white walls and lights
a reception table with three lights hanging from it's ceiling and two vases on the counter
a biophilic year: achieving a sense of place through materials • anooi studio
Material choices can add an extra level of meaning and depth to a space: the sense of place... → read it on → #BiophilicDesign #Biophilia #NatureInspiredInteriorDesign #Wellbeing #SustainableHomeDesign #SustainableHome #SustainableHomeDesignInteriors #EcoFriendlyHomeDesign #BiophilicDesignPatterns → photo credits on the blog
a spa room with a white bed and round lights on the wall above it's head
YinjiSpace - Babayants Architects x Body Aesthetics Studio
印际 - Babayants Architects x 身体美学馆
a white room with a bench and window
Studio You | Interior design | STUDIO MAE
a room that has some lights hanging from the ceiling and a table in front of it
Olea All Suite Hotel, Zakynthos, Greece: The Best New Hotels in Greece
Set on a picturesque hill and surrounded by olive trees and the ever-present element of water, the Olea All Suite Hotel Zakynthos attempts to connect indoor and outdoor environments in a concept that infuses wellness-leaning philosophy with a quiet romantic ambiance and minimalistic design. #zakynthosgreecehotel #zakynthosgreecehotelluxury #besthotelsinzakynthos #besthotelsinzakynthos #greecehotelsluxury #greeceluxuryhotel #hotelroomdesigngreece #greecedesignhotel #greecehotelinterior #bohohotel
a long hallway with white drapes covering the walls and floor, leading to an entrance
kengo kuma transforms japanese nursing home into the WE hotel toya using fabric and wood
an indoor fountain with water running from it's sides into the ground, in front of a round window
SPA AMORE E PSICHE - Picture gallery 1
an empty room with wooden shelves and round mirrors on the wall, along with hanging lights
Gallery of Flow Yoga and Movement Studio / Nan Arquitectos - 5
Gallery of Flow Yoga and Movement Studio / Nan Arquitectos - 5
a white reception table with two vases on it and a plant in the middle
Sage + Sound, New York City designed by Ronen Lev | Ronen Lev