Lerato Manzi
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Cute Ideas for Fresh Flowers Line Trifle Bowl with fresh, colorful vegetables like asparagus or carrots, and add your favorite spring flowers. Make a playful centerpiece by replacing the veggies with colorful candy like PEEPS!

teacup center pieces ~~~~ I have a collection of these from my Gramma that I'm thinking of using !!!

Bridal Shower centerpiece Teacup floral arrangements - a great and simple way to dress the tables to all be unique. You can mix and match coloured tea cups & saucers and mix around the flowers. Style on a budget

A tropical bouquet.

DIY Pineapple as Vase - beautiful arrangement - Great idea to use the part of the pineapple usually discarded when making a fruit salad, as a beautiful decorative touch for any party or get together