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a piece of bread sitting on top of a pink surface
The Pitchfork Review (US) - Coverjunkie
The Pitchfork Review (US)
an old photo of a woman sitting on a table with her back to the camera
Horst P. Horst
Horst P Horst | Mainbocher Corset
two women standing next to each other in front of a doorway
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Getty Gallery
a white bowl filled with spinach sprouts and other vegetables on top of a wooden table
Pavel Becker
pavel becker photography & visual communication
a plant sprouts out of a bowl on a table
Design Quixotic is under construction
a woman wearing a hat with the letter h on it's face and her hands behind her head
A new Era begins. Back with you shortly This is a great advertisement highlighting hats. The letter "h" is nicely blended with the models body.
an overhead view of a woman swimming in a pool with goggles on her head
Inspired by... ANDREW JASON LEUNG - Design Quixotic
three young boys climbing up the side of a building to get into an open door
There is a picture by the American photographer Helen Levitt (1913 - 2009) that has always remained with my imagination. Taken in 1940, it is an image of 5 boys playing high atop an abandoned doorway in New York. Though the children could easily be hurt if they fell from their perch, these children are having the time of their young lives. With skinned knees and plenty of daring, these little pirates have created a playground from their imagination and city streets.
Fish Photos by Giles Revell for Port Magazine Art, Dead Fish, Fish Art, Disturbing, Dead, Art Google, Google
Fish Photos by Giles Revell for Port Magazine
Fish Photos by Giles Revell for Port Magazine
black and white photograph of woman's face with trees in front of her back
Explore islands in Photography
explore islands
Ben Dahlhaus Male Models, Guy, Haar, Man, Guys, Bald Fade, Beard, Men, Human
Ben Dahlhaus
two people are walking along the beach together
Alone on the beach
two people are swimming in a pool with no clothes or shirts on, and one person is jumping into the water