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Ranjini Choudhury
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Excess body fat is reason for many health problems like: heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, and increased risk of having cancer. High-fiber foods are ideal choice for people who ...

Excess body fat leads to the development of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, and increases the risk of developing cancer. Foods rich in fiber will take you to feel full much long…



Today we’re going to show you how to prepare a wonderful fat-busting mixture made of natural ingredients that will help you lose weight fast. Besides burning fat and eliminating excess water from your body, the beverage will also improve your memory, hearing and eyesight. All you need to do is take one tablespoons of it... Continue Reading →

Consume Just 2 Tablespoons of This Mixture Daily and Melt 1 Cm of Stomach Fat! - Way to Steel Health

Nutella Stuffed Churros require just one to describe them - "AMAZING!"

Nutella Stuffed Churros feature a homemade pastry that is deep fried until golden, coated in sweet cinnamon sugar, and stuffed with Nutella. TO DIE FOR! Step-by-step video

How to Make a Spartan Helmet out of Cardboard | eHow

Spartan helmets were worn by the Spartan warriors to protect them from a foe's…

Super Easy Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Grain Free, Gluten-Free)

Super Easy Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Grain Free, Gluten-Free) Substitute Tapioca flour for cornflour - half the amount

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AWESOME idea for Lego storage and table - The inspiration came from this "Family Fun" magazine project: Lego Table. The smartly designed table uses three plastic drawer units on wheels, a board, stools and Lego bases to create the perfect building center.