Venison Stew

This is one of the simplest recipes for venison stew. Perhaps you hunt or know someone who does who is willing to share a little venison with you.

Want to talk about good? It's hard to beat this cut of meat - and when you wrap it in back and slow-smoke it... it's some of the best deer you could ever eat. Check out the full recipe now

Bacon Wrapped Deer Backstrap

this week I thought I’d kick 2015 off with a great recipe for backstrap… my favorite cut of whitetail deer. The backstrap is cut from the top of the deer located on each side of the spine.

Venison Mushroom Stew - venison, flour, salt/pepper, olive oil, dry red wine, garlic, beef broth, tomato paste, thyme, cipollini onions, mushrooms, butter

Venison Stew Serves 4 (with noodles, rice, rolls or mashed potatoes on the side) Ingredients: 3 cups of venison, cut &helip;

Venison Stew Recipe

Venison Stew

Venison Stew Recipe -I had no choice but to lean to cook some years ago while my wife recuperated from surgery. But I found I really enjoyed trying different recipes and adapting them to my own taste—that's how my now-famous stew recipe came to be!

Wildspastei - Vir die Jag seisoen

'n Springbok-pastei is altyd 'n wenner, soos dit 'n Springbok betaam! Sit voor met kweper- of appeljellie / Springbok pie with apple jelly, game pie

This is a simple recipe for venison stew. Perhaps you hunt, or you know someone who does who is willing to share a little venison with you. While it is a red meat like beef, it has a much richer, stronger flavor. Venison stew is perhaps one of truly comforting dishes on earth. This is what your ancestors ate in their log cabins or along the trail. A pot of bubbling stew could feed a crowd or be stretched over several days.

This is a simple recipe for venison stew. We have a freezer full of healthy, lean venison and only a few recipes!

Ontbeende Springbokboud met Uie en Aartappels

Wintertyd is wildsvleistyd! Hier’s ’n wonderlike resep uit die nuwe Landbou Boerekos.