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a large green ball sitting on top of rocks in the middle of grass and dirt
Description and images of Azorella compacta (), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds, Chileflora.com
Azorella compacta
a small succulent in a clay pot with gravel on the ground and trees in the background
Sansevieria pinguicula (digger..?)
a green plant hanging from the side of a white wall next to a tree stump
concrete garden
2017/09/06 . . #ridleyi #platycerium #staghornfern #staghornferns #plantlife #fern #green #plants #リドレイ #ビカクシダ #wl_record
a woman is looking up at a large plant
Staghorn Fern
a tree that is in the dirt with its trunk sticking out and flowers growing on it
Arbre bouteille de Socotra
Un arbre typique de cette île du Yémen, qui stocke l'eau dans son tronc.
flowering trees in the desert with mountains in the background
High Quality Stock Photos of "yemen"
Bottle tree in bloom (Adenium obesum), endemic tree of Socotra, Homhil Protected…