Patients have the power to make doctors more digital

Patients have the power to make doctors more digital If your doctor isn’t communicating with you outside the exam room, find a new doctor.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute launches nutrition app for cancer patients

Bright colors in fruits and vegetables usually signify concentrated nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc)

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Telemedicine at work in Canada

Telemedicine at work in Canada via Health Care Communication News.

Texting thumb: The latest technology-related ailment

All that communicating we do with hand-held electronic devices is catching up with us. See how sufferers can find relief.

Cleveland Clinic launches daily interactive iPad app

The clipboard is one of the most familiar, if old-fashioned, of health-care accessories. But with the current push to abandon paper processes in favour of more streamlined electronic solutions, they’re an obvious target for high-tech replacements.

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Why rural communities need telemedicine

When you’re far from a doc, telemedicine is the next best thing.

6 reasons why a hospital app is a must

90 percent of millennials check their smartphones in the morning.