Lightning show

The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. So we should expect volcanoes not only to exhibit electrical behavior but to have that behavior connected with the larger plasma environm


Nara Dreamland, Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan - 30 beautiful abandoned places around the world. Definitely need to visit these places.

My vision of Sienna's abandoned house in the forest...

The Smokey Mountains, NC . I met a lady who owns a cabin in The Smokey Mountains on my way to FL

Air warrior

“Shocking Bondi” By photographer Timothy Poulton, captures a brilliant lightning display off the coast at Bondi Beach, Australia.

"Old city ​​street in the night"

"Old city ​​street in the night" by Gynt S on - This is an old, dark, historic city street in shades of brown darkness.

Skeleton makeup #halloween

Skeleton Makeup Transforms Model into Hauntingly, Alluring Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Hauntingly Beautiful Skeleton Makeup Girl by Mademoiselle Mu - Model Clémentine Levy's skeletal look is the creative result of expert make up artist Mademoiselle Mu and fashion photographer Pauline Darley


For a great kiss, you want it to mean something. You want it to be with someone you can’t get out of your head, someone you crave, so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere. I love the intensity of the hands in this photo!

The Pit

14 amazing sinkholes

Years of lead and zinc mining have turned the town of Picher , Oklahoma into a Superfund site with sinkholes, lead-laced mountains of rock and tainted water.

Air warrior

Melancoloric on the Behance Network. I love the smell of the cold crisp air. And the air . Bundle up and love the fresh crisp Clear air.