Very cozy for such a large space. Design concept feels like Euro castle wine cellar stairs

forest path by camperman999 on Flickr

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Reminds me of the ruins of Courin. @Carly Ng Ross This is literally how I imagined one of the staircases when they're trying to rescue Anna and Fritz.

Brown's Hospital - Stamford Browne's Hospital is a medieval almshouse in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. It was founded in 1485 by wealthy wool merchant William Browne to provide a home and a house of prayer for twelve poor men and two poor women.

Forest Steps

“Stairways” by Bernd Kinghorst Forest Steps, Wurzburg, Germany

Stairs to .... ?

Old Staircase by on deviant Art. Old stone house, most likely constructed in the only the stone remains.


Eery light values instilling a sense of emotion and daunting sublimity.