I love the way you moan ever so slightly while I kiss the back of your neck. Your intoxicating sent fills me with the desire to touch, to kiss and love every part of your body.

Ryan Guzman Poses Totally Nude for Cosmopolitan U.K.

The Boy Next Door's Ryan Guzman Poses Nude!

Boy Next Door Ryan Guzman poses naked for British Cosmopolitan

The sweet spot!- exactly my favorite place to lay my head on Rock's sweet spot.

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I love those life-pausing, knee-weakening moments when my husband's kiss pulls me from my thoughts and completely into the moment. A well traveled woman


I find that this is my place at times to escape and spend time showing what I find to be sexual and romantic, I am what I think a passionate romantic with a love for all.

Kiss her gently, tenderly, let the tips of your lips lightly brush against hers, give her a taste of what is to come.

The forehead kisses that telegraphs it's message through-out your body....letting you know you are all mine....you're all mine Pretty Baby <3

" Her lips touched his brain as they touched his lips, as though they were a vehicle of some vague speech and between them he felt an unknown and timid pressure, darker than the swoon of sin, softer than sound or odor.


Couple keeping close and warm inside his jacket