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My friend sent me this uhhhhhhh-
an anime character with the caption that reads,'the god of the new world oh i think forgot to take this meds
Death Note (Your Character and Life)
a man and woman holding each other while posing for a photo with the caption that reads, this has officially gone too far
30+ Family Pictures So Awkward It Hurts
the perfect game of among us doesn't exi - brown red yellow black purple and green
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an older man with glasses is talking on his cell phone and the caption says, i
Amor no correspondido(pausada Temporalmente)
Receta fail
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a sign that says snap that child's back goldfish
the text reads, challenge baby to duel with someone in an animated video game that is not
28 Times the Sims Was Messed up and Twisted in the Best Kind of Way
an animated image of a woman hanging upside down on the floor and another cartoon character looking at her
Whatever the hell this is:
an animated woman holding a spoon in her hand
This chef:
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Fly didn't stand a chance - iFunny
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Picture memes horfVN307: 2 comments — iFunny
a man laying on the floor next to a pile of legos and toys with caption saying, lego introduces new sharper bricks that instantity will kill you when you when you sleep on them
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a man in a suit and tie sitting next to a sign that reads education system i am aware of the effect videogames have on children