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Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself

My goal, I don't want to feel like I have to prove my hard work to everyone ❤❤ MAJOR LEANING

Infographic: Managing a Horse Disease Outbreak

Is your horse showing clinical signs of an infectious disease? Here's how to care for your horse and protect others.

Noseband, draw reins, awkward bit. Please don't comment if you disagree with me. I'm sick of dealing with bs

small-town-equestrian: pride-riding: I love this horse his tail though

My rock, my life, my reason, my horse!

Love this horse quote - anyone who ever knocks another person's horse, even if just through implication, doesn't understand horses well enough!

Phase jumping

Exercise - i like adding in the phase's and i like the build from controlled trot to gradual release and stretch at the oxer. Do nothing but balance the horse. I'd also like to see this done in reverse order. from stretch, to coming back into control a

original_pony-for-christmas-print.jpg (900×900)

'Pony For Christmas' Horse Quote Print So thankful that this wish as already come true for me

Obstacles for horse training. Great ideas for clicker training and horse agility, or just to desensitize your horse to things you might encounter while trail riding.

Different Obstacles 1 of 4 Have Fun Happy Trails, def need to make these for some training!