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several different types of paper bowls and plates with ribbons tied around the edges, on top of each other
How to Make Baby Shower Booties Out of Tissues |
What an adorable party favor for a baby shower! Baby tissue paper booties filled with colorful candy! So easy to make, get a group together and knock these out:
blue snowflaked mitts are sitting on a table next to a glass bottle
Personalizar garrafas com bexigas.
Do It Yourself: Baby Boy balloon bottle center pieces for Baby Shower
two rubber ducks in a jar on a table
Please, don't go
Decoration for baby shower or decoration. Would be cute if you did pink or blue ducks :)
a table set up with blue and white balloons
Blog My Little Party - Ideas e Inspiración para Fiestas
Blog My Little Party - Ideas e Inspiración para Fiestas: Inspiración: Mesas de Bautizo
a vase filled with lots of diapers on top of a table
Diaper bouquet! DIY baby shower gift- Maybe could even put 0-12 month onesies as the flowers....
balloons are floating in the air above a baby's crib and other decorations
Party Ideas, Inspirations, and Themes | Catch My Party
Hot Air Balloon Party
there is a hot air balloon in the shape of a basket with stuffed animals inside
Maggie's Room + KI Project
Baby Shower Decor or child's birthday party? Cute hanging air balloons. Using streamers, crep paper balls, string, and some sort of basket/box/container for the air balloon's basket.
a group of people sitting at a table with paper hearts hanging from the ceiling
Baby Shower Decorations
hot air balloons baby shower decorations