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an open cardboard box with some paper on it and the words 10 things i miss about you
I made this one for my sailor on deployment. Personal touches to a care package can mean so much more.
three boxes filled with different items on top of a table
Make These Easy Gift Boxes For The Coffee Lover In Your Life | Collective Gen
Coffee Gift Boxes with Free printable cards!
someone holding up a card with two hearts on it and a map in the shape of a heart
DIY- Handmade Holiday Cards
Card for a Long Distance Love | Musings from Providence #diy #stationary #holidaycard
an open box with some items in it that says distance means so little when someone means so much
Quick 5 Ways to Grab his Attention and keep it... - Chum Guru
Dating Secrets. Awesome tricks and tips to Get Him Obsessed about you. Learn the secrets of giving him exactly what he wants, and then become obsess about you! Because only you will know the secret...
four different pictures of mail boxes on a bed with the words open lunch written on them
Girlfriend withdrawal survival kit and open when letters gift idea for boyfriend leaving for college
an open notebook with the words our first year written on it and a heart - shaped paper
LDR – Sweet LDR Surprises…
This is gonna be a looong post because there are SO many neat and sweet things you can send your long distance other half to remind them of your love. *deep breath* here goes! 1. This is one of my …
a photo collage with the word year written in gold on it and pictures of people
1 year relationship photo collage gift
someone is making a scrapbook with pictures and papers on top of the book cover
Scrapbooking at Paperchase - Create Something Special
Looking for birthday present ideas? Why not create a scrapbook filled with all of your best memories together? We love this scrapbooking layout, mainly for the super clever pocket, to pop present tags and tickets into. Cute. Or perhaps get creative with some washi tape DIY? For us, it's all about the embellishments,