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amen! in all circumstances... I guess that place I really wanted is not the place for me to live. : ) God closes doors all the time for me He will not let me make any mistake that wont serve his purposes in a greater way.

I've mastered it alright, my ass has hit the floor more times in tears and sorry than I could ever imagine... But I always bring it back up swinging ready for my next round!!!!

All my life I have allowed people to walk all over my heart & feelings feeling I had to fit in or be liked! Now finally SEE! I see its OK not to be liked and it has nothing to do with me and I will be my BAD*SS self just the way I was made:)

Lol to my ex: it was super hard but once I did move on it was amazing and hysterical when you realized you couldn't have me anymore. Lol to my bfs ex: I understand completely, you thought y'all had something and it hurts but step back or I will cut you 😘