Graphic Design

Collection by Ricardo da Fonseca


My work as a Designer

Pinball Table Illustration on Behance

Pinball Table Illustration

A Pinball table Illustration for a page in a book, that went on to serve as a stand alone ad.

OBC Chicken and Meat on Behance

OBC Chicken and Meat

Re-branding of OBC Chicken and Meat

BMW Home Loans

BMW Home Loans

An advert to Raise Awareness for BMW Home Loans.

MINI Care and Cosmetic Repair on Behance

MINI Care and Cosmetic Repair

Product Packs for Care and Cosmetic Repair Insurance

TRACE Fulvic Black Water on Behance

TRACE Fulvic Black Water Identity

Identity for TRACE Fulvic Black Water

Madiba Tribute Illustration on Behance

Madiba Tribute Illustration

A Tribute to Madiba