Amstel Reflection Pond

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a light that is on top of a table
a room with two poles and a table in the middle that appears to be floating
an image of a mirror ball with the words amira sohman on it
Jim Hodges taps the sublime in a new show at Walker Art Center
two people standing in front of a white wall with wavy lines on it and one person looking at the mirror
a light emitting from the center of a circular object on top of a table
two people are standing in an aquarium looking at the water and touching the wall with their hands
"The Ordinary?" by Leandro Erlich.
an underwater scene with blue water and sunlight shining on the surface, as seen from above
an empty room with sunlight streaming through the ceiling and water reflecting on the floor,
the light is shining on the wall and reflecting off it's glass surface, creating an interesting pattern
Earth | Finnbogi Petursson
a giraffe is swimming in the water under an overpass with its long neck
How can i create a water reflection lighting effect?
a living room filled with lots of furniture under a glass ceiling covered in blue light
render of the day: a minimalist pool house sitting on top of a desert rock