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Quinton Visser

Quinton Visser
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Pop's Bacon cure and recipe!  Gotta give this one a try!

This simple homesteading smoking bacon brine recipe will help bring out the delicious flavor from a slab of pork belly. As homesteaders, we have bee

Dakota fire hole - conserves wood while minimizing smoke and light from the fire

The Dakota Fire Hole is a Native American style fireplace that burns wood efficiently like a wood stove. It is also a safer way to build a fire as it keeps the coals and flames fairly contained whe…

Free printable target for right-handed shooters, thanks to Riverland Targets: http://www.riverlandtargets.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/RLTFD34.jpg

All of our miscellaneous shooting targets are sized to print on standard x printer paper. These targets can easily be printed straight from our web sight on your home computer. Whether your target shooting is casual or intense, our free to print

Trigger pull - Finger Placement

Right to left enough finger on the trigger" you will shoot "to the left" of the target. "too much finger" will cause you to shoot to the "right of the target". "perfect trigger finger" will cause you to " pull straight back" and shoot dead center!

Glock Lubrication

Alex still wants his Glock. I happen to love my gorgeous Springfield :) Glock Pistol Lubrication Guide