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Me: *tells my mom about a burn I found on Pinterest* Mom: don't say that how do you think they will feel? You know you should stop reading that stuff it's turning you into a swearing hooligan Me: Mom, we're in the 21st century every kid my age says that stuff

when you try to tell your parents a joke and they turn it into a life lecture.

You guy's have got to try this. - Imgur

this does work on a touch screen. It works if you just watch it. Even if you have a touch screen

ALL the time! I can't be the only one! ;)

I did this in walmart one time and the baby started to cry and scream, so I just walked away and acted like I wasn't the one that caused the problem.

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Girlfriend pranks her boyfriend with a huge spider falling down from the curtains to the couch. Funny how some man pretend not to be scared of spiders.

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Funny GIF picture of a man settling back on the train doors an taking a nap. When the doors open he falls outside on the pavement.

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