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an unfinished house being built with wooden framing and metal piping attached to the roof
Details, details: roof structure
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with cars parked in front
Aluminium Guttering | Gutters | Non-Combustible | Coping | Downpipes
Aluminium Guttering
an image of a roof that has been made out of wood and insulations on it
presse - Rathscheck Schiefer
an image of a roof that has been gutted
Schuine Daken
Schuine Daken
the side view of a metal structure with a yellow line on it and an arrow pointing up
presse - Rathscheck Schiefer
a large wooden building with a white roof
Photo 5 of 13 in A Barn-Inspired, Modern Retreat Is Knitted Into Napa…