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Phillip Wright
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Haha, that's too fun

Haha, that's too fun

U can replace "tattooed" with many different labels..

I never thought about it this way. I need to work on not giving a shit about whether or not people have tattoos. I may not like them or understand why people would get them, but that doesn't mean I should care whether someone has a tattoo or not.

hornedchick: “ fenrir-kin: “ writing-prompt-s: “Aliens have invaded and are taking over.

Percy Jackson ~ The Titan's Curse by on @DeviantArt

AAASDFGDGFD I just finished this illustration of Percy Jackson! As you can see is about the third book of the series, and I choosed this one because I l. Percy Jackson ~ The Titan's Curse


Camp Jupiter is like the serious, organized older brother and then Camp Half-Blood is the little sister that is very clever, but also is slightly immature and does whatever she likes. Camp Jupiter it is.< oh hell no camp half-blood for the win