Spectacular lighting to light up your life!

Creating the atmosphere with lighting
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two metal light bulbs hanging from a wooden wall next to another one with holes in it
Cover a light bulb with a doily and spray paint it. The light will shine the pattern onto the walls
the interior of a restaurant with wooden tables and blue chairs in front of a tree mural
Curtains that be lamps. #design #lighting #decor
a woman laying in bed under a blue light
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Skylight above bed! especially neat for star gazing thunderstorms... Comes with remote controlled black out blinds... I love this!
a gold colored vase with lights on the wall next to a white wall behind it
Mid Century Modern Hourglass Wall Light PERFORATED DOUBLE CONE SCONCE Fixture | eBay
Mid Century Modern Hourglass Light Fixture.
there is a painting on the wall with candles in front of it and a lamp next to it
Craft Warehouse
DIY Lighted Natural Wall Art #awesome #pin #diy #howto #doityourself #like #love
a bedroom with green walls and lights on the ceiling
Beautiful Themed Hotel Rooms…A Total Fantasy World!
Beautiful Themed Hotel Rooms…A Total Fantasy World!
a bed that has some lights on the headboard and pillows in front of it
String Lights In The Bedroom #DIY #Howto #Doityourself #project #like #greatideas
two white flowers sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with water
Elegant dim lighting
there are two pictures one has a bedroom and the other has a bed in it
Day & Night bedroom