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Some assume depression is about loneliness, but it is far more than feeling alone, but more of not feeling anything at all.

I feel a lot of emptiness in my heart. I feel sad because I don't have a life to he happy for. So the emptiness fulfills me.

June 2013 LIP of the Month

June 2013 LIP of the Month

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You know you are an anime fan when this is true about you

Be Like Me (Be Like Bill)

This is Stormie. Stormie doesn't care about someone's nationality, skin color, politics, or religion. Stormie just hates everyone. Unless she is on pain meds or has a Starbuck's Latte` in her hand then she likes everyone.

Teenagerposts....haha dead

Great, now im going to be thinking this whenever I get proposed to! (first I got to get a boyfriend though. but before that I got to find somebody I like. huh, looks like i'll have time to forget about this)

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