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Priyul Mahabeer
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I think this is my favourite gif of all time.

Even a quick slice through the cranium doesn’t stop the “Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool in artist Alex Griendling’s new animated Anatomy GIF. “This is by far the most complicated pixel gif I’ve made to.

Super Heroes You Love

Love the idea From another pinner: Minimalistic Super Heroes. Well I've been trying to figure out on how to go about my geek quilt. And now I am inspired. It will be cross stitch n patchwork. (It will of course have many other things)

Superhero fan? Well then you simply MUST check out this infographic,

Supermovies: This Is What The Next Few Years Of. - Supermovies: This Is What The Next Few Years Of Your Life Looks Like - (Updated With Marvel Studios Phase 3 Releases) The Warner Bros. announcement of ten upcoming movies based on DC.