Cilla Botha

Cilla Botha

Cilla Botha
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Cat Tree. DIY. Homemade for Cats..

Cats Love Trees One-of-a-kind cat trees. Hand-crafted, all natural artisticly designed for your home.

How to make a fairy tree house from scratch with simple tools and natural materials. A great handmade gift for children!

How to make a toy tree house with simple tools and natural materials. Invite fairies to live in your children's playroom! Perfect for Waldorf environment.

Use this handy guide to make your own chop recipes.

Parrot Mash and chop recipe builder. Pellets aren't necessary if you add supplements and have a large nutritious recipe. To see why you might not want to feed pellets go to Parrot Universe > Nutrition > Dangers of Pellets

Fill plastic bottles with colored water for lawn bowling. Drop in a glow stick for 'night' lawn bowling. Great party activity.

Make a backyard bowling alley. Add food coloring to clear plastic bottles of water. Use party streamers as lane margins. Add glow sticks for night bowling. (These would make great outdoor table nightlights also with the glowsticks, gonna try it!

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I like the look of the black and white cupcake.maybe I could use a paw print instead of flower for K-bugs snoopy party!