This authoritative and lusciously illustrated book offers a comprehensive and inspirational insight into the art and craft of silver jewellery making for today's artisan.

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers : Elizabeth Bone : 9781844487578

A bench reference book for all jewellers, discussing the various ways of joining parts. Including: cold connections (staples, rivets etc.), hot connections (soldering, brazing and welding), and adhesives. In a no-nonsense manner, the author provides useful information through drawings and text, explaining the techniques in a simple fashion.

Hot and Cold Connections for Jewellers by Tim McCreight, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

A collection of handmade silver jewellery by both established and emerging international designers. From time-honoured forging of cuffs and chokers to cutting-edge brooches and rings, it reveals silver's beauty in a range of techniques, styles and forms that will delight and challenge both the wearer and craftsperson.

The Paperback of the 500 Silver Jewelry Designs: The Powerful Allure of a Precious Metal by Marthe Le Van, Talya Baharal

A complete guide to the tools, materials and techniques for creating decorative finishes for jewellery. It outlines all the materials and equipment needed to carry out different techniques, together with detailed demonstrations and sample swatches. It is richly illustrated with work by professional jewellers, explaining how they have used different applications in their work.

The Jeweller's Directory of Decorative Finishes: From Enamelling and Engraving to Inlay and Granulation

A guide and handbook for jewellery makers on all levels of ability. It features more than 900 photographs in colour and black and white that illustrate work of all degrees of complexity and show the incredible range of concepts which jewellers in all times incorporate in their work.

Jewelry Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Successful Jewelry: Design Idea to Wearable Art (Download) - Interweave

Now available in HD!Take an inside look at the design inspiration and processes behind three successful jewelry designers. Join artists Layne Freedline, Helen Driggs, and Steven Ford for an in-depth look at their individual

A complete and practical guide to using precious and semi-precious stones in any metal, from traditional settings to contemporary looks.

The Guide to Gemstone Settings: Styles and Techniques (Paperback) By (author) Anastasia Young

Inspired Jewelry

Inspired Jewelry

This book is a reference book for goldsmiths, collectors and jewellery makers. It is a complete guide to identifying, buying, using and caring for a dazzling array of jewels. The book is filled with illustrations of the various gems and a wide variety of settings to show how modern jewellers are using these gems in their work.

Buy The Jeweller's Directory of Gemstones (Paperback) - Judith Crowe - ISBN: 9780713676563 - Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC from Book People

Through beautiful photos and interviews with designers, this book introduces the jewelers who have dominated the landscape of jerelry design in recent years.

Reconfiguring the Ordinary: Twist Looped and Attached / Hook and loop fastener, thread / Yong Joo Kim via Chintomby Chintomby Peck

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