Bulelwa Mbonambi

Bulelwa Mbonambi

breath,live,love,be happy with happy people
Bulelwa Mbonambi
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I really don't care what you say how about your marriage being so wondr, I know your lying because my studies of your actions show that you are a compulsive liar and you'll both end up hurt. But hey who am I to say, I'm Happy!!!! You can go pound salt up your ass. You live for yourself not him because your a selfish lying cunt! No tree at Xmas hu   funny. I wouldn't give you anything if I were him

Interesting how often people think I am joking when I am very forthright and clear and say I don't care. I don't care.

12 You Can Do It Quotes To Motivate You To Get Busy

Quotes that keep you motivated Do you have a strong feeling that you can't do it, but you are still being called to try it, to go after it, to make it happen?