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LEGION VIII AUGUSTA: le rassemblement européen de Marle


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Cavalry saddles

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IMG_1534 | John Doran | Flickr
IMG_1541 | John Doran | Flickr
Gallery - Legionnaires - LEGIO XXI RAPAX


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" Octavio celebra su triunfo sobre Marco Antonio " 29 a.C.… | Flickr
" Triunfo de Tito " ( Peter Connolly ) | " El desfile arranc… | Flickr


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Numidian cavalry in Hannibal's army

North Africa/Numidia

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The Battle of Emesa, 271 AD ➖ "Finding the Palmyrene army drawn up before Emesa, numbering 70,000 men, consisting of Palmyrene's and their allies, he [The Roman emperor Aurelian] arrayed against them the Dalmatian cavalry, the Moesians and Pannonians, and the Gothic Legions [What exactly Zosimus means is unclear; there certainly weren't that many Goths in the Legions as to completely fill them] of Noricum and Raetia, and beside these the Praetorians, chosen by merit from all and the most ...


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Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part lX – The Lost Treasure Chest
Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part lX – The Lost Treasure Chest


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 La ilustración muestra un episodio acontecido en la Primera Guerra Judeo-Romana ( 66-73 d.C. ). Este es el relato :  " Uno de los jinetes de las cohortes, cuando los judíos se habían dado ya la vuelta y eran empujados en masa hacia el interior del barranco, con furia galopó de lado con su caballo y cogió y levantó por el tobillo a uno de los enemigos que huía, un joven que, además de tener un cuerpo fuerte, iba recubierto totalmente por una armadura. Se inclinaba con el caballo, mientras iba mo
Assault on Horvat‘Ethri fortified village during Bar Kochba revolt.  Double click on image to ENLARGE.
The Jewish revolt, 66 AD - Legio XII Fulminata are completely destroyed at the Beth Horon Pass with 6,000 dead.  Double click on image to ENLARGE.

The Jewish Revolt

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"Attila at the Catalaunian Plains," Steve Noon.  Click on image to ENLARGE.


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Tumblr. Pure effervescent enrichment. Old internet energy. Home of the Reblogs. All the art you never knew you needed. All the fandoms you could wish for. Enough memes to knock out a moderately-sized mammal. Add to it or simply scroll through and soak it up.
Byzantine triumph.  Double click on image to ENLARGE.

Byzantine Empire

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Carrus ~ wagons


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Weapons, Equipment, Pack Animals

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Rome TV series. Click on image to ENLARGE.

Movies and Dramas

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Gallery - Life in high society - LEGIO XXI RAPAX

Towns, Streetlife, Buildings

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Surena at Carrhae. Suren wears the red kaftan reserved for the warrior class decorated with numerous golden appliques and a golden belt. The cataphract is based on the Indo-Saka coins. One might expect red clothes for poorer warriors as well however Old Nisa frescoes clearly proves that white was in military use as well even thogh it was a priestly color.
Image: Angus McBride.

Parthians and Sassanids

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" Guerreros iberos " ( Angel García Pinto )
A case of Hellenic influence on the ancient Iberian weaponry: a Celtiberian helmet of Chalcidian design | Delving into History ® _ periklis deligiannis

Iberian Warriors

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Sippe Ulfson. Guerrero Celtíbero Scutari
Sippe Ulfson. Guerrero Celtíbero

Celts and Gauls

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Battles and Campaigns

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"Alammani break into a Roman fort, German border, 3rd century AD", Angus McBride
"Burgundians enter southern France, 4th century AD", Angus McBride

Barbarian Tribes

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280-146 BC Greek and Punic Wars

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"Roman Warrior Bands, seventh century BC" Attempts to represent the appearance of a warrior in the seventh century, using the dress recorded for the Salii priests in the later Republican era, by Richard Hook
Art by Christos Giannopoulos
C 'período orientalizante', norte de Etruria, séptimo siglo antes de Cristo  (1) El fallecido líder de Villanova del área de Verucchio (2) Rachu Kakanas,  (3) Lictor, Vetulonia

753 BC - 509 BC Kingdom of Rome

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A provincial legate of the 1st-2nd century AD

Emperors and Generals

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