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Infographic | HIT trends to keep your eye on - Industry View from CDW Healthcare

CDW Healthcare 2012 HIT Trends: keeping up with MU and the exploding mHealth space, establishing tough security measures, greening your IT infrastructure

Hospitals, clinical practices and physicians of all ages are becoming more and more active on social media. And if we’re talking about patients, you’ll find this stat pretty revealing — 72% of all Internet users are active social media users. Why? To be better engaged and more active participants in their own healthcare. More from CDW Healthcare,

Hospital EMR and EHR, The Healthcare Social Shakeup Infographic, Healthcare Social Media, Hospital Healthcare IT

Health and Wellness Millennials Health Infographics

How Millennials access healthcare will reshape the way we deliver healthcare in the future. 'Business as usual' for health care professionals is likely to see them become increasingly irrelevant unless they engage younger generations.

Digital Citizenship Posters - Krystal Plott, STS at Howard R. Driggs Elementary and Gearld Wright Elementary, created the following printable posters and images for digital citizenship displays. She has generously allowed us to share them here.

Last week our school technology specialists (STSs) shared information and resources on digital citizenship with parents as part of parent teacher conferences. In preparation, Krystal Plott, STS at …

infographic outlines the progress we have made, the work that is being done, and possible potential of future developments in healthcare technology.

From the Department of Technology Is Good for Medicine — well, actually, from Mission Safety Services, Edmonton, Alberta — comes this infographic highlighting how .

How the Colossal Clash Will Disrupt the Digital Health Landscape

Patient Engagement: How the Colossal Clash Will Disrupt the Digital Health Landscape—Infographic - Clinical and consumer design principles are colliding to create a new era of digital health solutions.