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Girls'n'Guns - девушки и оружие

Rocking it in a Mans World! A lady who hunts poachers. US Army combat veteran who fought in Afghanistan. She was a weapons instructor, diesel mechanic and is now an anti-poaching advisor with VETPAW.Lady in a Mans World.

Abandon, room, tree, books, shelves

Nature colonizes everything. Abandoned library with tree. I would love to have a thing of nature in a library it just seem so cool. I mean you can read your book on the tree! Even though it's abandoned that would be awesome.

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

Top 100 Best Gun Room Designs – Armories You’ll Want To Acquire

when im a personal trainer, i will have this shirt! :)

Biggest Loser / / Inspiration / Motivation I LOVE this pic. esp because I do bootcamp with a trainer. and that's so true. you can't say you're gonna die! cos he wont let you, and you'll pass out first!