Historic Jamestowne

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there is a statue in the middle of this park
Historic Jamestowne - Preservation Virginia
Historic Jamestowne » Preservation Virginia
an old drawing of people and animals in a forest
Preservation Virginia
part of a memorial at Jamestown
a coat of arms on a brick wall
Preservation Virginia
a closeup of the crest in Jamestown Church
the logo for the national park and aquarium museum
Historic Jamestown
a monument in the middle of a lake surrounded by trees
Preservation Virginia
Historic Jamestowne from across the river
an old postcard shows the washington monument
Preservation Virginia
A postcard of the Jamestown Monument
an old brick building with snow on the ground and trees in front of it,
Preservation Virginia
Jamestown Church in the snow
a statue in the middle of a snowy field
Preservation Virginia
Historic Jamestowne in the snow
an old brick building with a gate in the front and snow on the ground around it
Preservation Virginia
Historic Jamestowne’s Memorial Church built in 1907, covered in the snow.
an aerial view of several people standing on top of a sand structure with holes in the ground
Preservation Virginia
Excavations at Historic Jamestowne.
an empty room with two large screens on the wall and some artwork on the floor
Preservation Virginia
Interior picture of the Nathalie P. and Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium where the findings from the archaeological exploration of first permanent English settlement in the New World and the birthplace of America are housed Exhibits focus on the Virginia Company period and reveal a new understanding of the first English settlers, their relationship with the Virginia Indians, their endeavors and struggles, and how they lived, died and shaped a new society.
an old photo of a group of people in front of a church with trees and grass
Preservation Virginia
a painted postcard of visitors to Historic Jamestowne
two men in blue shirts and white hats are on a baseball field while one man holds his hand out
Preservation Virginia
archeologists at Historic Jamestowne. To see what they’re digging up, visit http://historicjamestowne.org/the_dig/