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Find oodles of fun printable activities for your Pre-K or Preschool class! There are plenty of both free and paid printable resources you can use to teach your…
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letter roads printables for kids to practice letters and numbers
Letter Roads for Alphabet Practice
These free alphabet letter road printables are designed to help your preschooler practice their letters in a fun, engaging way. Featuring mats for both uppercase and lowercase letters, preschoolers can take a small toy on a fun journey while improving their letter formation skills. This fun, hands-on activity boosts confidence in letter writing, phonics, and letter recognition. Do this activity at home with your preschooler this summer!
the dinosaur pasta skeletons are fun activities for kids
Dinosaur Skeletons for a Summer Activity
These dinosaur skeletons made of pasta are the perfect summer activity for your preschooler. Kids love these fun, hands-on projects. Whether it's creating a dinosaur with pasta and play dough or making a skeleton with pasta and the provided free printable, your preschooler will love these projects. Use these fun dinosaur activities for your preschooler this summer!
a classroom desk with an apple on it and the words pre - k classroom rules
Free Printable Pre-K Classroom Rules
These free, printable classroom rules are a valuable resource for preschool teachers as they start a new school year. These four simple rules will help you manage your classroom by clearly visualizing the rules for the children. Designed with simple words that preschoolers can easily understand, these colorful posters come in three different patterns, allowing you to choose your favorite. Check out this resource and take advantage of these free, printable classroom rules!
the spanish version of prek summer packet
Pre-K Summer Packet Spanish Edition
This pre-k summer packet (Spanish edition) is full of free, printable activities for you to do with your preschooler this summer. Parents can use these activities to engage and create fun, learning moments with their preschoolers this summer. Check out these free, printable summer activities and plan some educational fun with your preschooler this summer!
a young child playing with letters and magnets on a blackboard that says letter sounds learning activities
Collection of Learning Letter Sounds Activities
This collection of learning letter-sounds activities offers the best methods to teach your preschoolers about letter sounds. Excite your preschool kids with fun games and engaging activities that can be done at home. Included are lots of fun game ideas and free printables that will make learning letter sounds fun for your preschooler!
the free printable end of year certificate for students to use on their school's graduation
Preschool Certificates for the End of the Year
These preschool certificates are free, printable, and completely customizable. These certificates are designed specifically for pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten students. Simply customize and print, making your job as a teacher a little easier. Additionally, discover ideas to make your end-of-year celebration fun and exciting! Check out these free, customizable printables today!
jesus calms the storm christian pre - k activities and printables for kids
Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Story Activities
These Bible activities for the story of Jesus calms the storm is a collection of engaging activities designed to enrich your Bible lesson. Ideal for a fun, at-home Bible lesson, a vacation Bible school, or a Sunday school lesson, these activities include sequencing tasks, Bible memory verse cards, play dough mats, and more. The included mini-book is a great resource for students to share the Bible story at home with their parents. Explore these fun-filled activities for your Bible lesson!
bug jar math printables for kids to practice counting and matching numbers with their own hands
Bug Jar Printables for Preschool Math
These bug jar printables are perfect for exciting your preschooler about math! Engage your preschoolers in hands-on learning as they explore counting and sorting with this fun activity. Whether using plastic bugs or foam shapes, your preschooler will have a blast sorting bugs by color, or type, or placing a given number of bugs in the jars. Incorporate this free, printable activity into a bug-themed math class or as a way to excite your preschooler about bugs!
children's hands with school supplies in front of them and the words survival guide for starting the year in pre - k
Survival Guide for Pre-K Teachers Starting the New Year
This survival guide for pre-k teachers starting a new school year is a collection of practical ideas, printables, and lessons designed to kickstart the school year. This guide aims to equip teachers to navigate the beginning of the school year covering essentials such as preparing your classroom, setting up centers, books to read for the beginning of school, a classroom wish list, and much more. New or experienced teachers, check out this valuable resource!
the lion's den christian preschool activities
Pre-K Bible Story Activities for Daniel
These pre-k Bible story activities for Daniel & the lions' den are designed to engage and excite your preschool class. Perfect for Christian preschools, vacation Bible school, or a home Bible lesson, these fun, hands-on activities will captivate your preschoolers. You'll find sequencing cards, a mini book, play dough mats, and more. This resource has everything you need to bring the Bible story of Daniel & the lion's den to life for your preschool class!
an ocean word cards with the words free printable
Free Printable Ocean Word Cards
These ocean picture-word cards are an excellent addition to any ocean-themed activity. The cards are offered as a free printable and feature thirty-one colorful ocean-related words. This printable resource can be used to make a word wall about the ocean or to create a picture dictionary. Your preschoolers will love the vibrant cards with some of their favorite ocean animals on them including a dolphin, a whale, and a crab. Make the most of this free, printable resource!
a cartoon character sitting on a tree branch with the words, christian preschool activities zacheus
Zacchaeus Activities for Christian Preschoolers
These activities for the Bible story of Zacchaeus are ideal for a Christian preschool program, homeschool Bible lesson, or Sunday school class. These free printables include sequencing, a Bible memory verse sheet, a mini book, and more. Check out these activities to enrich your Bible lesson on Zacchaeus and promote hands-on learning activities about the Bible story with your preschool class!
a book with the words make a seed book for the science center
Seed Book Project for Kids
This seed book project for kids can be used as a hands-on activity in your science center. It also works well as a fun project to do at home with your kids. Using zipper sandwich bags, a variety of seeds, masking tape, and a downloadable cover template, the project is easy to assemble and creates a fun, educational resource for your preschoolers. Spark curiosity and exploration in your kids this summer with this fun, hands-on seed book project!
the bible story print and fold books for children to learn how to use them with pictures
Bible Story Print & Fold Books for Pre-K
This collection of Bible story print and fold books is a wonderful resource for Jewish or Christian preschool settings. These free printables offer a simple, easy way for students to communicate with their families about what they are learning in class. These free printables require only printing and folding. With stories from both the Old and New Testaments, this resource provides a fun, easy way to bring Bible stories to life for your preschool class!
christian preschool activities for kids with the words, names and pictures in blue on yellow background
Christian Preschool Activities Archives
Explore this Christian preschool activities archives that offer an array of resources tailored for your Christian preschool program, homeschooling, or Sunday School class. Discover Bible story retelling pages, verse papers, sequencing cards, printable books, and more. Units include stories from both the Old and New Testaments, alongside sections for holidays and other Christian themes. Check out this invaluable collection of Christian preschool activities!