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How did it go? - Pregnant in Cape Town & ever after...

How did it go? ~ Mother City Millers

Charly starting nursery school was a very big and very scary thing in our world. So, how did it go? Better and worse than expected.

Farewell 2015 - Pregnant in Cape Town & ever after...
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Farewell 2015 ~ Mother City Millers

My focus for 2016 is on growth in all areas, but first let's have a look at all that 2015 had to offer and give it the send off it deserves.

Words have abandoned me - Pregnant in Cape Town & ever after...

Words have abandoned me ~ Mother City Millers

Some of you will know that my mom has been put in hospital. Although I am fun to overflowing with emotions, I can't find the words at the moment.

Life 2 - Me 0 - Pregnant in Cape Town & ever after...

Life 2 - Me 0 ~ Mother City Millers

The score is sitting at Life 2 - Me 0, and I'm really hoping to at least make it onto the scoreboard this week.

The week that was

The week that was ~ Mother City Millers

The week that was, was really really hard. It isn't like me to feel so despondent, but even working at home, I've still hit that not-quite-end-of-year slump

Getting to Know Me

Getting to Know Me ~ Mother City Millers

Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust (one of my all time favourite people and blogs), tagged me in this chain of "getting to know me" posts.

Playing catchup ~ 6/9

Playing catchup ~ 6/9 ~ Mother City Millers

I feel awful about being so absent, not only here but in every aspect of my life. That one week of the plague and the fact that Charly’s sleep has regressed once again to her waking roughly 3 times an hour has knocked me off my game. But I am slowly starting to get on […]

One Handed Catch Up

One Handed Catch Up ~ Mother City Millers

Will try catch up while Charly feeds. My right hand still has pins and needles so typing is a bit tough & I am adapting this on my phone from a whatsapp message I sent. I really struggled when deciding whether to share how our first day home went because I am struggling with the […]

Playing Catchup ~ 22/09 - Pregnant in Cape Town & ever after...

Playing Catchup ~ 22/09 ~ Mother City Millers

Yesterday’s post shared the amazing journey my friend Laverne and I began last week with our South African Sisterhood group on Facebook. As you can likely tell from my absence of late, there has been more than just that project underway. I have so many things happening at the same time, that I thought I […]