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Rapunzel Baby

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Rapunzel dress and shoes


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a mannequin dressed in purple and white with an elaborate design on it's back
『ラプンツェル衣装 柄』
an inflatable balloon is hanging from the ceiling
candy cart princess ✧*:・゚
1. Cutting out foam strips 2. Sewing foam strips into tubes 3. ( Not shown; dying tubes yellow ) Covering tubes in beige nylon 4. Cutting wefts from additional wigs 5. Separating sections of the base wig 6. Sew tube to nape of neck 7. Sew all tubes to nape of neck ( aha! ) 8. Glue wefts around tubes ( ribbon helps them stay sectioned off ) 9. Braid sections, drape around tubes and braid the big braid 10. DECORATE AND YOU’RE DONE!
Ponytail Hairstyles, Rapunzel Wig, Rapunzel Hair, Wigs, Hair Movie, Wig Hairstyles
Rapunzel Wig by couslandd on DeviantArt
a woman in a purple dress holding a long braid
I think we all know who this is.
a woman standing in front of a fountain with flowers all over her body and head
Rapunzel wig tutorial Plaits, Diy, Ideas, Rapunzel Makeup
OHI Cosplay
Rapunzel wig tutorial
a woman in a purple dress with braids
Princess Rapunzel
a woman's feet wearing pink shoes and purple dress with white lace on them
Rapunzel dress and shoes
a woman in a pink dress standing on stage with a man behind her holding a paper bag
a pair of purple shoes with gold stars painted on them sitting on a purple cloth