Ruan Grobbelaar
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Salvaged Skateboards Pallet Street Cruiser

If you loved Monsieur Plant's natural skateboard, check out Salvaged Skateboards. The shop makes decks and complete skateboards using reclaimed wood, such.

Take me for a ride boys!

If you are looking to cruise around the neighborhood streets or bomb hills, longboards are for you. We carry every style from cruiser skateboards and drop-through to pintail and downhill longboards.


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Josh Mario John. Men's Style and Fashion. Beards. Suspenders, Trousers, Oxford dress shirt, sunglasses. Tattoos.

Wood chopper in the city.normally don't care about suits ( I like a manual labor kinda fella, in work clothes), but. he cleans up nice, proving once again that tattoos & beards can mean class and style.