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We are a movement of Jesus-followers who are on a mission to help students discover Jesus. For us this means we are longing for the day when no student in Canada graduates without engaging in the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.
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Olivia was hopeless and struggling with no sense of purpose, but God was…

More Than Education: Finding Hope on Campus – Power To Change

"I have often wondered why it is so easy for me to talk to a friend, neighbour or even a stranger about my favourite book or movie, but it is so hard for me to talk about my favourite person: Jesus."  How can you have spiritual conversations with friends, neighbours, or strangers? The first step is to listen, both to the person you're speaking with and to the Holy Spirit.

Client News: Stacia Pierce of Life Coach 2 Women on Career Attraction, Steps to Effective Listening"

"When I considered being open about my faith with my friends, I was more scared of how they would perceive me than being inwardly compelled by God’s command to go and tell people about him."  Ann went from stepping back in fear to stepping out in faith with P2C-Students.

It’s not that I thought telling others about Jesus and having them discover a relationship with Jesus wasn’t important. It was just that I never felt confident that I knew how to communicate this life-changing message.

How to change someone’s life in seven months | Power to Change - Students

How to change someone’s life in seven months | Power to Change - Students

Power to Change Students at Lakehead University in Orillia.

Power to Change Students at Lakehead University in Orillia.

Six requirements for spiritual growth. "God is faithful. He loves you too much to leave you where you are right now." - Sean Cullen, National Director of Power to Change - Students.

The road ahead is long, in fact it's never ending. This is not meant to sound daunting, it should excite you. An invigorating life spent looking great and feeling great, that's what lies ahead.

Are you experiencing the joy of abiding in Christ? http://p2c.com/students/it-fits-like-a-glove-the-natural-delight-of-remaining-in-the-spirit

[Live at “It fits like a glove”: The natural delight of remaining in the Spirit

These are three amazing stories from a recent mission trip with Power to Change - Students. http://p2c.com/students/mission-trip-update-three-unforgettable-stories-from-the-desert

[Mission Trip Update] Three unforgettable stories from the desert

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