I am finding that immersion in Facebook specifically is just causing me depression so have already started doing this for the most part.

Master a Digital Detox With This Easy Plan

Challenge A Detox For Your Smartphone Addiction - I'm definitely trying this. Miss the days before cell phones and social media.

Digital health and wellness is being smart when you use technology. There are risks and effects being online to often. So try not to use too much time texting, playing video games, going on facebook, and several other things online.

Funny pictures about How to sit in front of the computer. Oh, and cool pics about How to sit in front of the computer. Also, How to sit in front of the computer.

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e strive to keep our business model sleek with a low overhead and less support staff to provide longer patient appointments and more access to medical providers for our patients

Digital Detox | Disconnect with your devices. Connect with the world. We've released 4 brand new digital detox tours. There'll be no phones, no social media and no cameras. For real. This is adventure unplugged.

7 Social Media tactics you must master to make your blog popular

Disconnect with your devices. Connect with the world with our brand new digital detox tours. No phones, no social media.

There are a lot of things you should be doing on Facebook that you may not be. Make sure you're doing things right!

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How blue light affects body   | (restrict cell phone use at night)

How smartphone light affects your brain and body

How smartphone light affects your brain and body. Smartphone light can disrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall and stay asleep — and potentially causing serious health problems along the way.

Big Data Health Care Infographic Check out Nutritional Wellness Products

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Health Infographics - Big Data Infographic Big Data and Healthcare Infographic. Big Data and The Future of Healthcare.

Improving posture and fixing slouched shoulders are important in today’s digital world. With many of us glued to our computers and cellphones, bad posture has become a major issue. Poor posture can develop from slouching, tight muscles, stress, improper sleeping positions, being over weight or having weak muscles. The longer you get into the habit …

These 10 Exercises Will Un-Slouch Your Back To Correct Bad Posture And Remediate Back Pain

Exercises to Improve Your Posture and Bring Relief to Your Back & Spine, Part 7 - The Health Science Journal

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If you want to enjoy the good life: making money in the comfort of your own home with just your camera and laptop, then this is for you!

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100 Prisoner Squats Challenge

Work that sweat out! Push yourself to Sweat! The More you Sweat Now, the Less Jiggle Later! There may be days we d.

Siteopia’s Online Activity Report  2013 Infographic <<< repinned by http://geistreich78.info

Paints and interesting picture - data is from the UK; I wonder if the info is any different for the US? Generation of Internet Addicts Infographic

So Many Lives Are Being Saved Due To Telehealth - Infographic

So Many Lives Are Being Saved Due To Telehealth - Infographic

Health benefits of walking! Add ankle weights and you can get a similar benefit as running.

Walk to Better Health! My health & fitness journey began with daily walks, giving me the energy, stamina & motivation to get in shape & stay fit. Going for that exercise walk was one of the best decisions I've ever made!