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Pulane Mashibini

Pulane Mashibini
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One day we three shall sit under the stars and talk...

Only the sound of the trees making music, and perhaps a waterfall instead of seashore.

This is my FAVORITE experiment to do with kids! (homeschool, science, science projects, science experiments, kids activities)

Elephant Toothpaste - cup hydrogen peroxide liquid is a solution, which can be found at a beauty supply store or hair salon), 1 Tbs (one packet) of dry yeast, 3 Tbs of warm water, liquid dish washing soap and food coloring

Seriously cracking up at this. Levels of Laziness.

17 Acts Of Epic Laziness. Seriously I'm cracking up at the expert level of laziness. Ive done the walk the dog from my car thing.now im gonna have ginger pull me while im in a chair !