San Rock Art, South Africa

Prehistoric rock paintings by the San hunter-gatherers of southern Africa.
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two people are walking in front of a rock with red paint on it and one is holding a stick
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Pictographs of bushmen of the Namibian Desert of Africa.
an image of two people on the side of a rock with some writing in it
San rock art. Southern Africa’s Stone Age man consisted of two distinct though genetically identical groups. The San or Bushmen are hunter/gatherers and have been in South Africa for at least 120,000 years.
some animals and people are depicted in this rock painting
San rock art in the the Gamepass shelter South Africa How old this rock art is is anyone’s guess. We do know that there have been people in Southern Africa as long as there have been people. The uncertainties are one of the frustrations and delights of ancient art. The San people certainly painted these figures, perhaps in modern times, but how old is their painting tradition? It conceivably traces its origins to the foundation of human civilization. That urge to make an image that all artis...
two people are depicted in an ancient rock painting
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a rock with red and white paint on it's face, in the shape of a hand
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Blombos Cave Rock Painting South Africa Oldest known paintings
some ancient rock art depicting three women with arrows and bowes, possibly from the early 20th century Скоро
San Rock paintings
some people are painting on the side of a rock
Rock Art of the Western Cape, Africa. Use of smaller figures to create sense of perspective.
an ancient painting with giraffes and birds on it's side in the desert Скоро
San Rock paintings Etimología Lithops: nombre genérico que deriva de las palabras griegas: "lithos" (piedra) y "ops" (forma).
an animal that is laying down on the ground
Drakensberg Cave, San Rock Art, South Africa , ca. 500 BCE (?)
an image of some animals and people in the desert with red paint on their body
some ancient rock art depicting three women with arrows and bowes, possibly from the early 20th century Скоро
San Rock paintings
an image of some animals on a rock with other animal paintings in the back ground
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The Game Pass Shelter in Kamberg Nature Reserve, just south of Giant’s Castle, has some of the best-preserved San Bushman rock paintings to be found in the Drakensberg range of mountains. Description from
several pictures of rock paintings with people and mountains in the background, including one man holding a stick
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