Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald

Peter MacDonald
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YAMAHA XSR700 (2016/66)

Yamaha design with modified tank. a quick cure to an ugly bike. Work in progress.

Enfield got mean

Royal Enfield Best Modifications - everyone loves modified royal enfield bikes , watch below some of the best modified royal enfield of all times. So, if you like this photos do share it with your friends.

ADHOC XR600 Cafe racer / Scrambler

At times it's just good enough to feel as if you may keep going as soon as the road ends, even when you never will. This bike appears absolutely aweso.

Tools Tools

How to use a multimeter infographic: Learn the best way how to use a multimeter to test voltage, capacitance, and frequency.

Lambdas have special meaning in programming. Another good symbol to consider.

Lambda greek symbol used by masonic Tartessos Logia. Secularism define its contours, explain, evaluate its origins, its modern implications and future. The "secularity" is based on two pillars: ethics (the absolute freedom of conscience) and civic status.