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a tiny bonsai tree is displayed on a finger
That took tree-mendous patience! Artist spends TWELVE hours creating each of these bonsai with copper wire
Mr To's painstaking creations stand as little as one inch tall, and have extremely thin branches of just 1/8 of an inch
a miniature bonsai tree is displayed in the palm of someone's hand
1/12th scale miniature bonsai(penjing).
a painting of a blue door and bicycle is displayed in a frame on a table
an aerial view of a beach with trees and people in the water, taken from above
Resin moss mural made of epoxy resin; Reindeer moss, flotsam 52 x 52 cm, epoxy, beach, sea, waves, gift idea, picture, ocean,
The sea is calling Mural made of epoxy resin, reindeer moss and flotsam. With the unique epoxy resin picture, handmade by us, you have a truly unique piece. It is a recreation of a natural seaside landscape using real Icelandic moss and epoxy resin. The sea is made of epoxy resin. The preserved moss does not require any care, but it nourishes your space with its positive properties. The moss absorbs air moisture and releases moisture into the surrounding air Note on care and durability: It is pr
an image of a sea scene made out of moss