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The Pip Asylum was created in June 2016 as an online community providing articles, ideas and training for forex traders and stock market traders worldwide.
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Article: Hindsight is the Billionaire in the Rear View Mirror

Find out what football position you are best suited for. Take this quiz and see what results you are getting.

This is an article about forex trading - or more specifically, how Wimbledon and Weight Watchers can inspire new forex traders to achieve better results

Pip Asylum's Forex Trading Course for Beginners is a three part training course to give you the skills and knowledge required to be a forex trader.

4 Simple Steps to Make You an Awesome Forex Trader

Advanced Graphics Number 4 Cardboard Stand-Up

Article : Don't Trade Forex Like an Ebay Auction.

As a trader, you cannot trade everything available on the forex market.

As a trader, you cannot trade everything available on the forex market.

One of the widest known technical indicator's is the RSI (Relative Strength Index). In this training article, we will explain what it's function is

How to Setup Your Forex Chart

Pip Asylum have agreed to start a series of training articles relating to Technical Analysis and chart interpretation that links in with our ongoing range

An Inside Look at the Blind Date Trading Strategy

In this article we give readers a closer look at what's inside the Blind Date Trading Strategy, designed and written by ourselves for advanced forex traders

What Football Fans and Eskimos Can Teach Us About Forex Trading

Forex traders can try to be like football fans and choose sides.To the true football fans-choice is easy.

Why a Small Win is Better than a Kick up the Backside

It's a new trading day. Market is in session and eager traders of forex, stocks, bonds and commodities are at their trading desks, eyes glued to the screens

Brexit the British Pound and the New Five Pound Note

Almost three months have passed since the Brexit referendum, where the British electorate vote to withdraw from the European Union. At its meeting on 14 Sep

The Trapping of Time Zones to New Forex Traders

As a stock market trader, you know that your trading times are defined on a daily basis from the opening bell to the closing bell.