Every Child is an Artist

Unleash and capture a child's creativity with Macaroon's personalised range of Art stationery - note cards, stickers, doodle pads, sketch pads and art journals
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Paint Splatter design - this splashy design is available as an Invitation as well as a personalised Sketch pad. Best for Art Parties and beautiful gifts for budding artists - www.macaroon.co

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Keep a collection of your child's art and drawings - Blank Sketch Book (Kaleidoscope). Personalised on the cover as well as on every inner page with your little artist's name - www.macaroon.co

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A must for Kids' Art & Craft parties - colourful, personalised party invitations - www.macaroon.co

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Simply photograph your child's favourite artwork and upload to our Personalised Art Stationery - Stationery has never been more fun & personal - www.macaroon.co

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Transform your child's precious art in to Macaroon stationery. Personalise your stickers as well as your gift tags with wonderful works of art! www.macaroon.co

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Personalised with their photo as well your child's names, Macaroon has a fun and creative range of Artbooks, Doodle pads and Sketch pads ensuring hours of fun - www.macaroon.co

Personalised Doodle pads featuring Macaroon's trademark Mini Macaroon mates and hand illustrated South African icons. Perfect gifts for kids who love to colour in! www.macaroon.co

Macaroon's personalised doodle pad is a must-have for any South African child and a great gift for children abroad. Personalised with the name of the artist at the bottom, as well as on the bright personalised cover - www.macaroon.co

Get out your crayons, khokis or pastels - Macaroon's Mini Mates will take you on an adventure visiting Jozi, Cape Town, the beach, the soccer field, the game reserve and more - Macaroon's Personalised Doodle pad - www.macaroon.co

Rainbow design - colourful and vibrant, this design is available as an Invitation as well as a Personalised Sketch book. Perfect for Art Parties and gifts for budding artists - www.macaroon.co

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