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an empty room with rainbow painted floors and white walls
Colorful lines, inspired by the London Underground, will lead you to classrooms at this language school
Colorful lines, inspired by the London Underground, will lead you to classrooms at this language school
a hallway with yellow walls and black and white drawings on the wall, along with several lockers
A Journey of Chinese Characters
A Journey of Chinese Characters on Behance …
the letter s is made out of metal and has a spoon and fork in it
SensasionS Catering / Denys & von Arend
SensasionS Catering by Denys & von Arend
an image of some type of artwork that is in the process of being projected on glass
Summit Light Wall — KENEDIK Design Studio | Art Direction, Apparel Design, Board Design, Logo Design, Coffee Packaging & more | Orlando, FL
String wrapped on pins to create typography | Summit Church Installation by Jeremy Kennedy
an aisle in a library with rows of books on either side and arrows painted on the floor
Recipes - The Cookbook
the inside of a library with pink and white walls
vicente aleixandre library identity
WALL/WINDOW GRAPHICS Vibrant new identity for Vicente Aleixandre library in Badia del Vallès, Spain. Designed by studio Txell Gràcia
an office with yellow squares on the wall and white desks in front of it
Wayfinding Westerdals
Wayfinding Westerdals by Marius Holtmon, via Behance
an open door in a blue room with yellow numbers on the wall and flooring
Gallery of Tobaco Hotel / EC-5 - 3
Tobaco Hotel / EC-5
a sign that says sprinkles cupcakes on the side of a building
OrangeBeautiful is opening soon
sprinkles signage, chicago
an office with yellow flooring and black desks
very cool library signage
an entrance to a building with a red door and white lettering on the side wall
The Arch Cultural Centre - Picture gallery 19
The Arch Cultural Centre | Unknown author
an orange sign is hanging on the wall next to a white door and some doors
a selection of graphic projects
Monash University Pharma Signage yes, the main corridor at work
an empty hallway with yellow doors and white walls, leading to the toilet room on one side
san-ai clinic color and signage design, kagoshima prefecture, japan, by MED