Wine cellar - Could be combined with a root cellar.  At least I hope so. :-)

When it comes to preparing for a major disaster or just surviving nowadays crisis, storing food, weapons, medicine, and other goods will be difficult.

Elaborate but a small scale stone cut for a few bottles would be cool.

Stairway to the wine cellar. Love love love this for our future Crystal Imagery style wine cellar!

Custom wine rack

Making a house a home...

Like this on a smaller scale combined with a bookshelf for in the CLEAN garage

Se você é daqueles que adora um vinho, ou apenas garante sua taça diária devido aos benefícios que o vinho traz à saúde, que tal fazer sua mini adega? Seja pendurada na parede ou apoiada na mesa, uma adega pode ser uma peça decorativa, além da fun...

Mini adegas

small spaces wine rack to make. Cute for wall decoration. god knows we go through enough wine - Love Home Decor