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Warriors create themselves through trail and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults.

Be a Warrior: Warriors are not born and they are not made. Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering and their ability to conquer their own faults.

"A woman that knows her worth doesn't measure herself against another woman, but stands strong, calm and self confident." I hope to have this confidence one day

She is more than you ever imagine.

you are both a princess and a warrior, a precious daughter and a beautiful sunrise. never let your light dim, for you were created to shine for Him.

Strength and humility

Be strong when you are weak. Be brave when you are scared. Be humble when you are victorious. The true warrior has to have more control over his mind.

Reflect the One you follow!

The devil whispers "You can't withstand the storm." The warrior replied "I am the storm.

Don't think about what can happen...

Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.maybe instead, "do what you can to get closers to Christ"

Warriors are the ones that always fight.

Fight for the truth and what is right never stop whether day or night.

Sweat more in practice, bleed less in war. ~Robin Sharma

“Sweat more in practice, bleed less in war.” Spartan Warriors starts training young boys at age Military was always first. Mens lived in barracks.