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per què no cal ser-ho

~Be You~ There is no such thing as normal. That is a lie of the world. God calls you to be extraordinary in His Power. You are set apart. Separate and Uniquely beautiful, made in His image.

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I Will. Tap to see New Beginning Quotes Wallpapers For Your iPhone This New Year! Fresh start New year wallpapers, lockscreen backgrounds, fondos, greetings, wishes.

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"I don't care if I answer to you Peter! , she's my best friend, hurt her and you will die. I will kill you like Hope did to herself. And I'm not about to lose another Hope." Incorperate Pan wanting nothing more than to die, right at the end.

Wallpaper I made with Font Candy.  #AlwaysKeepFighting

25 Awesome iPhone 5 Wallpapers - I don't care that these are supposed to be iphone wallpapers, some of these are actually really interesting shots