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Birka Grave finds: Another rarity is the glass cup from grave 542. This mug has leaf-like ingrained lines and contours that recall motifs on eastern belt fittings.  Carl J. Lamb examined it in the 1930s, thought it to be Persian glass, suspected it was made ​​by Arabs in Iraq.

Birka Grave finds: Another rarity is the glass cup from grave This mug has…

Glasses from Birka, graves 577, 649, 644, 10th century, Historiska Museet, Stockholm

Glass funnel and bag beakers from Birka (Source: Holger Arbman, Birka I: Die Gräber) Someone gave me a replica of the bottom left one for participating in a competition. It is one of my most prized SCA things.

Wikinger Ringnadeln

Drawings of Viking age ring pins.

Glasperle Nord-Trøndelag http://entwerkstatt.de

Glasperle Nord-Trøndelag http://entwerkstatt.de

Franks Casket vorne links - Runen – Wikipedia

The left half of the front panel of the century Franks Casket, depicting the Germanic legend of Weyland Smith and containing a riddle in Anglo-Saxon rune Anglo-Saxon runes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fibel mit der Darstellung einer Walküre, 9./10. Jh. n. Chr., Silber. Fundort: Galgebakken, Børglum Herred, Dänemark. Foto: Dänisches Nationalmuseum Kopenhagen; Fotoquelle: SMB, Berlin

Figure depicting a valkyrie. In Norse mythology the valkyries took fallen warriors to Valhalla. Photograph: The National Museum.