1920s #TF2 Engineer by Ramida-R

Engineer (and Lv. 2 Sentry) There’s your 11 hard science PhDs! Do I ever want to draw the love child of a Browning and a Sentry again? I plan to draw all the.

That's way medics don't heal scouts

That's way medics don't heal scouts

ohmygosh. My brother showed me the videos for this game, I want to play it sooooo bad!!

version of Spy by Ramida-r [aka Ramida (Ploy) Rojanavipat]. All 9 classes were covered.

1920s #TF2 Demoman by Ramida-R

Team Fortress 2 Demoman as a Great War era Scott-British Grenadier Rifleman by ~Ramida-R

Soldiers in FPS games.

This is strangely accurate.