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Unusual spiral objects found near the Ural mountains. May be up to 300,000 years old. Made up of copper or tungsten and molybendum - some are microscopically small.

🗿 Ancient History - An Oopart out of place artifact is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that, given their level .

Costa Rica huge balls located in the rain forest

workmen hacking through the dense jungle of Costa Rica in the stumbled upon dozens of stone balls - they varied from the size of tennis balls to an astonishing in diameter

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Between 1991-93 these objects were discovered in the Ural Mountain region of the Soviet Union. Their sizes range from 1.2 inches down to an incredible 1/10,000th of an inch. They were pulled from depths of up to 40 feet. Tests carried out give an age for the objects of between 20,000 and 318,000 years. The objects are composed of various rare metals such as tungsten and molybdenum. These objects are obviously the product of an inexplicable and highly advanced technology. What was their…

Ancient springs, screws and metal. Thousands of these things -- some measure as small as of an inch! -- were discovered by gold miners in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the Dug up from a depth of 3 to 40 feet in layers of earth.

Is America's Mysterious Waffle Rock  Proof Of Ancient High-Tech Or A Natural Formation?  Read more: www.messagetoeagl...

A part of the original Waffle Rock was moved when Jennings Randolph Lake was created by the building of a Dam. The Waffle Rock boulder is located at the West Virginia Overlook at Jennings Randolph Lake in Mineral County~ West Virginia

Something Strange Happened When Divers Approached The Mysterious Object At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea - MessageToEagle.com

Something Strange Happened When Divers Approached The Mysterious Object At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea